America's Man in Korea p74

 America's Man in Korea p143

 The Neutral p147

 The Neutral p11

 Journey to a War p214

 The Ilse p25   wage

 The Ilse p41

 Living Dangerously in Korea p231   towns and mountains

 Care Crosses the River p59   intentsongs

 The Folding Cliffs p26   weather

[manu place] near Palehua Rd, Kapolei, Hawaiʻi, Dec. 2019

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p91   

 The Folding Cliffs p92   weather

 The Folding Cliffs p126   horse

 The Folding Cliffs p136   clotheshorse

 The Folding Cliffs p137   

 Philology of the Flesh p21   

 Philology of the Flesh p37   Poor Kōlea counts na pō mahina

 Philology of the Flesh p39   law

 Philology of the Flesh p40   intent

 Philology of the Flesh p184   

 Love before Bond

 Philology of the Flesh p200