The Korean Frontier in America p108

 Things Korean

Horace Newton Allen(1858-1932)

 In the New World p217

John R. Hodge(1893-1963), 1945

 America's Man in Korea p12

 America's Man in Korea p179

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p17   Inside The Hermit Kingdom p120brother

Georg von Möllendorff, Paul(1847-1901) in official Korean dress, 1882


Merrill, Henry F(1853-1935) at age twenty-two

 The Neutral p232

 Journey to a War p24

 Journey to a War p63

An anti-spitting sign posted on streetcar in Philadelphia, Oct. 1918, Historical Medical Library of The College
of Physicians of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Journey to a War p175   faces

 Journey to a War p183   brother

Christopher Isherwood(1904-1986); W.H. Auden(1907-1973), 1938, The British Library, London, UK

 Journey to a War p216

 Journey to a War p226

 The Ilse p19

 The Ilse p20

 The Ilse p21   horse and cow

 The Ilse p31

 The Outlook

George Kennan(1845-1924), 1885

 The Ilse p33

 The Ilse p39   exchangeYun Ch'i Ho diary

 The Ilse p40

 The Ilse p40

 The Ilse p45

 The Ilse p45   Inside The Hermit Kingdom p37

Whiping Prisoner[(조선풍속) 태형 (곤장)], N.d., Imperial Postcard Collection, Lafayette College Libraries,
Easton, Pennsylvania

 The Ilse p49   brotherexchangenews

 The Ilse p50   exchange

 The Ilse p52   news

 The Ilse p57

 The Ilse p57   architecturenews

 The Ilse p59

 The Ilse p60   wage

 The Ilse p86   faces

 The Ilse p90   exchange

 The Ilse p95

 The Ilse p102   brotherlaw

 The Ilse p119

 The Ilse p148

 The Ilse p168   motherbrotherchinaman

Palama Settlement Archives, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

 The Ilse p175   brotherchinaman

 The Ilse p201   faces

 The Ilse p222   facesbrother

 Living Dangerously in Korea p19   water, rail and roads

 Living Dangerously in Korea p170   mother

 Living Dangerously in Korea p227
 (Chesun Pak, Leigh Hunt)

 When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p18   brother

 When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p59   architectureexchange

 Care Crosses the River p51   brotherlaw

 Care Crosses the River p52   motherlaw

 Care Crosses the River p64   news

 Care Crosses the River p88   water, rail and roads

 Care Crosses the River p133   law

 Care Crosses the River p143   water, rail and roadslaw


 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p178   towns and mountainsmother

 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p185


 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p207   towns and mountainsbrother

 Driven Out p18   towns and mountains

 Manifest Destiny

Peter Hardeman Burnett(1807-1895), ca.1860, Bancroft Library UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California

 Driven Out p333   towns and mountainslaw

Hawaii Pono p227   wagelaw

Walter Francis Dillingham(1875-1963), ca.1921, Men of Hawaii, Volume 2, Siddall, John William (ed.),
Honolulu Star-bulletin, 1917

John Henry Wise(1868-1937), ca.1892, Oberlin College Archives, Oberlin, Ohio

Hawaii Pono p263   

 The Folding Cliffs p66   motherInside The Hermit Kingdom p116Ibid. p124

 The Folding Cliffs p83   [sugarcorn]

 The Folding Cliffs p208   mountains

Sanford B. Dole(1844-1926), ca.1902, US Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p32   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p100   town

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p101    facesbrother

 이승만의 하와이 30년 p31-32   clothes

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p25   wage

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p46   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p132   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p37   The Ilse p45

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p38   brother

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p49   exchange

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p50   teacherclothesweather

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p52   exchange


 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p151-152   exchange

 The Transformation p72   

 The Transformation p73   

 Philology of the Flesh p54   

 Philology of the Flesh p74   

 Philology of the Flesh p210


 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p70