Georg von Möllendorff, Paul(1847-1901) in official Korean dress

Merrill, Henry F(1853-1935) at age twenty-two

The Korean Frontier in America p108

America's Man in Korea p12

America's Man in Korea p179

In the Service of His Korean Majesty p17;brother


The Neutral p232

Journey to a War p24

Journey to a War p63

Journey to a War p175;faces

Journey to a War p183;brother

Journey to a War p216

Journey to a War p226

The Ilse p19

The Ilse p20

The Ilse p21;horse and cow

The Ilse p31

The Ilse p33

The Ilse p39;exchange;Yun Ch'i Ho diary

The Ilse p40

The Ilse p45

The Ilse p49;brother;exchange;news

The Ilse p50;exchange

The Ilse p52;news

The Ilse p57

The Ilse p57;architecture;news

The Ilse p59

The Ilse p60;wage

The Ilse p86;faces

The Ilse p90;exchange

The Ilse p95

The Ilse p102;brother;law

The Ilse p119

The Ilse p148

The Ilse p168;mother;brother;chinaman

The Ilse p175;brother;chinaman

The Ilse p201;faces(Sohn Syung Woon)

The Ilse p222;faces(age);brother(hot tempered)

Living Dangerously in Korea p19;water, rail and roads

Living Dangerously in Korea p170;mother

Living Dangerously in Korea p227

(Chesun Pak, Leigh Hunt)

When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p12;brother

When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p59;architecture;exchange

Care Crosses the River p64;news

Care Crosses the River p88;water, rail and roads

Care Crosses the River p133;law

Care Crosses the River p143;water, rail and roads;law