Catlin, George, BA-DA-AH-CHON-DU (He Who Outjumps All); A Crow Chief on Horseback Showing His Rich
Costume and the Trappings of His Horse
(Primary Title), ca. 1865-70, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts,
Richmond, Virginia

McCune, George Shannon, Children tending oxen, ca. 1910, USC Libraries East Asian Library, Los Angeles,

McCune, George Shannon, Many cattle and men in a field near a Korean village, ca. 1910, USC Libraries,
East Asian Library Los Angeles, California

 Quiet Odyssey p71

 Journey to a War p60   posture

 The Ilse p21   teacher

 The Folding Cliffs p86   towns and mountains

 The Folding Cliffs p126   parfiler

 The Folding Cliffs p136   clothesparfiler