Ka Lei Haʻaheoat 307W

 Quiet Odyssey p17

 Quiet Odyssey p99

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p60

 America's Man in Korea p38   chinaman

 America's Man in Korea p46

 The Neutral p84

 Journey to a War p40   exchange

 Journey to a War p52-53

 Journey to a War p194

 Shipwreck with spectator p41-42   water, rail and roads

 The Ilse p127   brotherchinaman

 The Ilse p134   posturechinaman

 Living Dangerously in Korea p67   water, rail and roads

 Care Crosses the River p59   intentparfiler

 The Folding Cliffs p20   clothes

 The Folding Cliffs p22

 The Folding Cliffs p91

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p61   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p103   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p132   mother

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p143   mother


 이승만의 하와이 30년 p28-29   Auld Lang Syneexchange

 이승만의 하와이 30년 p46   

 Philology of the Flesh p206