The Indian Removal Act, Americans, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian,
Washington, D.C., May 2018

Lim, Chinese Cook for the farrer family in December, ca. 1910, Idaho State Historial Society, Boise, Idaho,

Jul. 2018

 Quiet Odyssey p30   lesson nine

 Quiet Odyssey p38

 Quiet Odyssey p41

 Korean Picture Brides p238   lesson nine

 Quiet Odyssey p42

 Quiet Odyssey p96

 Quiet Odyssey p103   laundrywage

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p99

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p128

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p158


 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p169   brother

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p172

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p173

 The Korean Frontier in America p9

 America's Man in Korea p3

 America's Man in Korea p39

 America's Man in Korea p131

 America's Man in Korea p153

 America's Man in Korea p157

 America's Man in Korea p172

 The Neutral p91;lesson ten

 The Neutral p161

 Quiet Odyssey p172

 The Korean Frontier in America p25

 Journey to a War p40   songs

 Journey to a War p139

 The Ilse p1

 The Ilse p1

 The Ilse p7

 The Ilse p11   architecture

 The Ilse p12

 The Ilse p15-16

 The Ilse p16

 The Ilse p35-36

 The Ilse p39   teacherYun Ch'i Ho diary

 The Ilse p49   teacherbrothernews

 The Ilse p50   teacher

 The Ilse p69   wage

 The Ilse p73   wage

 The Ilse p78

 The Ilse p90   teacher

 The Ilse p101

 The Ilse p102   news

 The Ilse p105

 The Ilse p113

 The Ilse p115   brother

 The Ilse p182   law

 The Ilse p183   chinaman

 The Ilse p204   faces(Kilsoo K. Haan)chinamanlaw

 Living Dangerously in Korea p225   chinamanwage

 Living Dangerously in Korea p239   towns and mountains

 When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p59   architectureteacher

 Driven Out p58

 Driven Out p59   law

 Driven Out p106   law

 Driven Out p137

 Driven Out p138   towns and mountains

 Driven Out p238   lesson twoArt Practicaltowns and mountains

 Hawaii Pono p80   law

 Hawaii Pono p88   law

Hawaii Pono p212   law

Hawaii Pono p251   towns and mountains

Hawaii Pono p274   law

Hawaii Pono p288   Retreat of The WestIn the New Worldexchange[lesson?]

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p33   trees

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p49   teacher

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p52

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p52   teacher

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p53   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p61   facesbrother

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p70   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p81   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p89   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p108    exchangelawmalia

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p114   town

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p119   clothes

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p129    brother

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p130   


 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p151-152   teacher


 이승만의 하와이 30년 p28-29   Auld Lang Synesongs

 The Folding Cliffs p265   lesson three

 The Transformation p175   

  아시아리뷰 4권 1호 p77

 Philology of the Flesh p22

하와이 사진신부 천연희의 이야기 p201

하와이 사진신부 천연희의 이야기 p413

하와이 사진신부 천연희의 이야기 p428-429