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Asian farmers in Dinuba: Dial, Ron, Dinuba 100: A Place of New Beginnings, Ron Dial Photography, 2007, p51

 Quiet Odyssey p58

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p115   teacher

Lovatt, William Nelson(1838-1904)

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p123

Foulk, George Clayton(1856-1893), ca. 1884, Naval Historical Center, Washington, D.C.

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p144

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p169   exchange

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p178   teacher

 America's Man in Korea p132

 America's Man in Korea p152

 America's Man in Korea p203

 Journey to a War p17   faces

 Journey to a War p183;teacher

 The Ilse p25

 The Ilse p25

 The Ilse p47

 The Ilse p48   High School II

 The Ilse p49

 The Ilse p49   teacherexchangenews

 The Ilse p70

 The Ilse p87;mother

 The Ilse p102   teacherlaw

 The Ilse p115   exchange

 The Ilse p125   chinaman

 The Ilse p127   songschinaman

 The Ilse p148

 The Ilse p149   chinaman

 The Ilse p158   chinaman

 The Ilse p168   motherteacherchinaman

 The Ilse p175   teacherchinaman

 The Ilse p218   wage

 The Ilse p222   faces

 The Ilse p222   faces(age)teacher
 (hot tempered)

 When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p18   teacher

 Care Crosses the River p45   water, rail and roads

 Care Crosses the River p51   teacherlaw


 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p168   towns and mountains


 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p207   towns and mountainsteacher

 Hawaii Pono p145   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p38   teacher

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p45   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p52   architecturefacesclothes

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p61   facesexchange

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p84   faces

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p93   townlaw

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p94   law

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p101    facesteacher

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p103    roads

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p108    exchangelawmalia

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p124    clothes

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p129    exchange

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p138    clotheslawmalia

 이승만의 하와이 30년 p33   

 이승만의 하와이 30년 p279   

 The Transformation p113   

 On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous p128-129   

 하와이 사진신부 천연희의 이야기 p371