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Asian farmers in Dinuba: Dial, Ron, Dinuba 100: A Place of New Beginnings, Ron Dial Photography, 2007, p51

 lesson three;faces

 Quiet Odyssey p58

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p115;

Lovatt, William Nelson(1838-1904)

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p123

Foulk, George Clayton(1856-1893), ca. 1884, Naval Historical Center

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p144

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p169;exchange

 In the Service of His Korean Majesty p178;teacher

 America's Man in Korea p132

 America's Man in Korea p152

 America's Man in Korea p203

 Journey to a War p17;faces

 Journey to a War p183;teacher

 The Ilse p25

 The Ilse p25

 The Ilse p47

 The Ilse p48;High School II

 The Ilse p49

 The Ilse p49;teacher;exchange;news

 The Ilse p70

 The Ilse p87;mother

 The Ilse p102;teacher;law

 The Ilse p115;exchange

 The Ilse p125;chinaman

 The Ilse p127;songs;chinaman

 The Ilse p148

 The Ilse p149;chinaman

 The Ilse p158;chinaman

 The Ilse p168;mother;teacher;chinaman

 The Ilse p175;teacher;chinaman

 The Ilse p218;wage

 The Ilse p222;faces

 The Ilse p222;faces(age);teacher
 (hot tempered)

 When the Korean World in Hawaii Was Young p18;

 Care Crosses the River p45;water, rail and roads

 Care Crosses the River p51;teacher;law

 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p168;towns and mountains

 Ka Lei Ha'aheo p207;towns and mountains;teacher

 Hawaii Pono p145   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p38   teacher

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p45   

 Inside The Hermit Kingdom p61   facesexchange