Dinuba, Califonia, Dec. 2017

Dinuba, Califonia, Dec. 2017

Museum at the Citrus State Historic Park, Riverside, California, Dec. 2017

Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Fountain, Washington, D.C., May 2018

McCune, George Shannon, Tile-roof rural cottage in Korea, ca. 1910, USC Libraries East Asian Library,
Los Angeles, California

Abert Rim, Lakeview, Oregon, Jul. 2018

Berkeley copper mining pit, Butte, Montana, Jul. 2018

Whitehall, Montana, Jul. 2018

Donner Summit, California, Aug. 2018

[ ], Jul. 2018

[ ], Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, Aug. 2018

lesson four

A Guidebook to California Agriculture p[ ]

Abandoned Train Tunnel;Where I Was From p34

The Grapes of Wrath;Earth

In the Service of His Korean Majesty p80

In the Service of His Korean Majesty p85

lesson two;Quiet Odyssey p34;¡Que viva México!

In the Service of His Korean Majesty p157

Shipwreck with spectator p0

Shipwreck with spectator p32

Shipwreck with spectator p41-42;songs

Shipwreck with spectator p59

The Ilse p17

The Ilse p26;wage

The Ilse p42

The Ilse p76

The Ilse p107

The Ilse p199;law

The Ilse p212;law

The Ilse p213;law

Living Dangerously in Korea p19;teacher

Living Dangerously in Korea p67;songs

Care Crosses the River p15-16

Care Crosses the River p25;weather

Care Crosses the River p45;brother

Care Crosses the River p88;teacher

Care Crosses the River p143;teacher;law