lesson six       violate in style
a.   The Idaho State Archives, Boise, Idaho, Jul. 2018
b.   A game of "Go-ban," or oriental chess - Yun, Ung-nyeol, Korean Minister of War(left) in his home, Seoul, 1904
c.   Yun, Ch'i Ho and his Father Yun, Ung-nyeol, 1881
d.   General Yun, Ung-ryeol and his family ca. 1910
e.   Yun, Ch'i Ho's family, his second wife (Ma, Ae-bang), two sons and one daugther, 1902
f.    Yun, Ch'i Ho, his mother Lee, Jeong-moo and his third wife Baek, Mae-ryeo
     [윤치호와 어머니 전주이씨(이정무), 삼취 부인 백씨(백매려)], 1907

g.   Few Literary Society Hall, 1839, Emory College, Oxford, Georgia, Mar. 2018
h.   Phi Gamma Literary Society Hall, ca. 1837-1839, Emory College, Oxford, Georgia, Mar. 2018
i.    Lee, Mary Paik, Quiet Odyssey: A Pioneer Korean Woman In America, University of Washington Press;
      Ex-library edition, 1990, p45

j.    Hyun, Peter, In the New World: The Making of A Korean American, University of Hawaii Press, 1995, p157
k.   socially accepted violence (duel): Barry Lyndon, dir. Kubrick, Stanley, 1975
l.    film set in Idaho: My Own Private Idaho, dir. Sant, Gus Van, 1991
m.  Fox and His Friends, dir. Fassbinder, Rainer Werner, 1976
n.   public disciplinary violence: Barry Lyndon, dir. Kubrick, Stanley, 1975
o.   public disciplinary violence: Moonlight, dir. Barry, Jenkins, 2016
p.   distinguished marginal: Paris Is Burning, dir. Livingston, Jennie, 1990
q.   weaker marginal: The Salt Mines, dir. Aikin, Susana, 1990
r.    remains of the salt shed and garage at the City of New York Department of Sanitation site
      on Gansevoort Peninsula (formerly known as “The Salt Mines” by its former otherwise homeless inhabitants,
      ca. 1990); photograph of a view from the Whitney Museum of American Art, Dec. 2017