McCune, George Shannon, Korean man sitting on a hilltop, ca. 1910, USC Libraries East Asian Library,
Los Angeles, California

lesson three;brother

lesson one

The Neutral p158

Journey to a War p17;brother

Journey to a War p21

Journey to a War p175;teacher

The Ilse p12

The Ilse p86;teacher

The Ilse p114;chinaman

The Ilse p189

(Kilsoo K. Haan)

The Ilse p201;teacher

(Sohn Syung Woon)

The Ilse p194;chinaman

The Ilse p204;chinaman;law

(Kilsoo K. Haan)

The Ilse p208

(Syngman Rhee)

The Ilse p209;Ibid. p230

(Rev. Kingsley Lyu)

The Ilse p213

(consul Choong Chung Oh)

The Ilse p221;wage

The Ilse p222;brother

The Ilse p222;teacher;brother(hot tempered)


Living Dangerously in Korea p107;clothes

(George Paik)