Apologize at UNIS is a byproduct of a workshop I designed for the high school students at United Nations International School around their sexuality, skin, and appearance in relation to those depicted in films and literature. Much of this video is strung-up raw clips, produced from a workshop. At the end of video was attached a song, “각주구검.”

There is separate documentation of this workshop (Track & Dolly on tumblr).

This video is a study of these youths between ages 15 and 17. They embody the dichotomy between isolated interests and the incessant boredom that immediately follows, involved in subjects in which they do not prolong their engagement. Their eyes with torpor look away from all the significance around them.

This video was shown only once at CCA Kitakyushu, next to the columns that I designed for the space.

video still, Apologize at UNIS, 2016; courtesy of Artist


          United Nations International School

____ CCA Kitakyushu