performance still, pushing against the air, 2007, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland; curated by Tessa Giblin; courtesy of Artist (photo credit: Nina Canell)

Drawing Video is derived from the three performances of pushing against the air. It comprises the same content of telling scary stories on three different dates.  In this video, a voice tells a series of scary stories while drawings are being made. scary stories were loosely connected to both a) the rest of the performance and b) the general theme of in the room series: safety and comfort of having boundaries versus the horror of dissipation of those boundaries, manifested through co-habitation, contact, communication, teaching, resemblance, haunting, aging, and murder.

pushing against the air (performance) was based on a conversation between three performers (David, Byungjun, and me). The conversation was edited into a script, and we rehearsed the whole performance numerous times; we performed three times in front of the public, once in De Appel, Amsterdam, and twice in Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

pushing against the air (performance) had the following text in the exhibition space: “It is officially considered a major error in radio broadcasting when there is even five seconds of silence on air.” This concert with talks and images is inspired by Byungjun’s radio show, World Music Journal, broadcast nationwide in Korea from 2004 to 2005.

pushing against the air (video) is from my camera's point of view in the performance, which is not the whole scene presented to the live audience. pushing against the air (video) is a fragment. I have shown pushing against the air (video) once in the exhibition, Pieces from 'in the room' at Wilkinson Gallery in 2009.

performance still, pushing against the air, 2007, De Appel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; courtesy of Artist (photo credit: Daniel Nicolas)


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