installation view and detail, Temper Clay Installation, 2021, The Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Studio, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA; curated by Ana Janevski, Martha Joseph; courtesy of Artist

* photo credit: Tom Powel

Jeon, Minsun, "진동하는 경계," review, 월간미술 Monthly Art, 440, September, p110-115

Janevski, Ana and Joseph, Martha, "An Interview with Sung Hwan Kim," MoMA Magazine, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Jun. 11, 2021,

          (left) tip of a spherical form (cupped fingers)

          (middle) second seat for one person

          (right) tip of a spherical form (ear)


____ The Tanks at Tate Modern


          (drawing) a metaphor carries another metaphor

____ (film) Temper Clay

____ (drawing) dark corner as a background