in the room 3

David was invited to do a concert as part of Jan Werner's programming of the concert series at STEIM. I used in the room 1 as the basic structure of in the room 3. Dog Video was created and was shown in place of the video shown in in the room 1. There were two new elements at the end: 1. David teaching Byungjun a song that he did not know; 2. a ritual where two performers (David and I) become part of the stage in the cacophony of sounds. Byungjun replaced the performers at the end. A new song, "forgotten gesture, additional act" replaced the lullaby music used in the beginning of in the room 1. in the room 3, because of its relative simplicity in terms of execution, has been restaged several times afterwards, in 2008 at the Images Festival, Toronto, and in 2009 at the New Museum, New York, as part of Performa. The stage and the performance became more elaborate each time the piece was restaged. Byungjun's role became more important, especially due to the fact that he sang a Korean folk song from the 80’s at the end of the last version of the performance. In another form, after this last version of in the room 3, in the room series also became a commissioned radio art broadcast (on Bayerischer Rundfunk) and album collaboration on Intermedium Records, München, between dogr and me, called One from In the Room: dog I knew. Various live recordings from in the room 1 and in the room 3 outlined this album alongside some new elements.

rehearsal still, in the room 3: dog I knew, 2009, Gallery TPW, Toronto, Canada; curated by Pablo de Ocampo, Kim Simon; courtesy of Artist (photo credit: Dave Kemp)


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