in the room 2

Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht.

This performance featured elaborate light design. It was in the context of a theater festival. David was the only live performer in the performance. The video that ran throughout the performance was projected onto a slanted ramp-like screen that was built as part of the set, along with other objects, including a bucket-like container with a hanging camera strung from above. There was live music and action performed by David; and the performance told the story of an actress who had an affair with the president. I was inspired by the difference between PAL and NTSC video formats and the various modes of archiving stories, from historical methods, to rumors, to deletion. This performance becomes the predecessor for the video From the commanding heights…

rehearsal still, in the room 2: actress I knew, Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht, the Netherlands; curated by Roland Speklé; courtesy of Artist (photo credit: Paulien Oltheten)

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